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Thank You for Spreading Rosie's Light!


Donated diapers and other essentials to new mothers in need.

- Kaitlin Mara


Sent some Rose from Rosie to a neighbor.

- Anonymous


Gave the barista at Starbucks money to pay for the person's order behind me & keep the rest as tip.

- Kathryn Ferri


Hung signs on our neighborhood "kindness tree" so that others can feel your love.

- Hilary Sullivan


Spreading joy by leaving flower arrangements on neighbors steps.

- Alexandra Chiesa


Baked and delivered cookies to 5 neighbors in honor of Rosie.

- Lauren Grant


Donated a bicycle and children's toys to the Guardian Angel Family Crisis Center.

- Maria Starace

Donated a bell percussion kit to a fourth grader in a nearby school.

- Eileen Gil

Gave my Uber driver a generous tip and asked him to pay it forward.

- Michele Trizzino


In memory of Rosie, I donated money to support a wonderful organization that I have volunteered at in Boston, Horizons for Homeless Children.

- Jill Cochran

Paid for the person behind us in McDonald's drive thru.

- Charlie & Laura

Contacted Carter's children's clothing to have a package that was incorrectly delivered to my home, sent to the right recipient.

- Barbara Keane

Sent coffee Venmo donations to nurses on the front lines.

- Lauren Cochran


Taco Bell stopped making my wife's favorite Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, so I recreated them for her.

- Matt LoPorto

Made a donation to Greater Boston Food Bank in Rosie's honor.

- John Cheney

Paid for 2 hour moped rental for a couple on vacation in Newport, RI.

Made a donation to a GoFundMe to support a pregnant woman whose fiancé was in a tragic life-threatening car accident

- Laura & Charlie


Donated a bag of much needed items to the hurricane victims in Louisiana. 

- Maria Starace


Offered an elderly couple my shopping cart at the store.

- Gina LoPorto

st francis.jpg

Gave a generous tip to the gas station attendant.

- Megan Kimiciek

Delivered breakfast to the St. Francis Emergency Room staff.

- Laura & Charlie


Donated children's books to a local 3rd grade classroom in need.

- Margot O'Riordan

Delivered McDonald's and Starbucks gift cards to neighbors and friends

- Jeanne & Bidget Russo


Made a donation to Ronald McDonald House.

- Katherine P.


Brought a pumpkin decoration for a friends desk.

- Patti Bergbuchler


Shared a barcode on social media which gave people a free cup of coffee.

- Megan Hewett


Donated clothes to children in need in honor of my friend, Rosie.

- Caroline Sullivan


Made a donation to the Eric Marsh Foundation to support Wildland firefighters in California.

- Julia Ries 


Made a donation to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Rosie's honor.

- Rob & Audrey Alessi


Brought coffee and munchkins to my United States Coast Guard Reserve Unit.

- Jonah Hewett

FullSizeRender 8.jpeg

Bought coffee for other customers in the store.

- Sue Wilzbach


Donated to my brother's Jimmy Walk Fund in honor of Rosie.

- Christopher Sullivan


Volunteered at a local food pantry.

- Nicole, James & Andrew Roth

Gave someone a parking spot that I waited 15 minutes for at Walmart.

- Ideta Lawrence

Contributed to a food pantry in Rosie's name.

- Megan Panici

Donated 10 free classes to the first 10 people that came in to claim a kindness card.

- Orangetheory Fitness Port Washington

Gave someone at the laundromat $5 in quarters to help dry her clothes.

- Ideta Lawrence

Gave some shoppers $10 to put towards their bill at Target.

- Kelly Fischietto

Gave someone $2 in quarters for the parking meter.

- Ideta Lawrence

Delivered lunch to busy and hungry workers at a moped rental shop in Newport, RI.

Donated backpacks of school supplies to children in need.

- The Baird Family


Made donations to Good Will and the a local animal shelter.

- Brendan & Natalie Kreckel

Paid for a child's happy meal at McDonald's.

- Ideta Lawrence


Made a donation to a food pantry.

- Lisa Montana


Offered several free music classes in honor of Rosie's birthday and told her classes about Rosie, so children could experience the joy of music, just like Rosie did.

- Maria Starace

Let someone cut me in line at BJ's.

- Ideta Lawrence


Delivered flowers to my sister-in-law to brighten her day after starting a new job from home.

- Valerie Lee

Helped an elderly woman send her mail.

- Hannah Latorre

kendall beag.jpg

Made mask lanyards and jewelry for family and friends to bring a smile to their faces.

- Kendall Beagan Family


Got my 93 year old father in law a statue of the Blessed Mother for his birthday. He has wanted it for years!

- "Papa" John Beagan

Invited my students at St. Francis Prep High School to take a moment of class time to reach out to someone in their life that may need a boost for whatever reason. Resulted in over 120 "pick me ups" to be sent.

- Linda Baldacchino

Gave a local coffee shop money and kindness cards to use towards customers coffee order until it runs out.

- The Russell Family


Knit a prayer shawl and a baby sleep sack for a new mother who just gave birth to a child with Down's Syndrome.

- Eileen Gil


Volunteered at the Daily Bread food pantry in Danbury, where we served meals to 200 families.

- Laura Callahan

Made a donation to Our Lady of Fatima food pantry.

- Jess Curreri


Paying for the person behind me in line at the apple orchard.

- Kathryn Ferri

Ordered breakfast for my office on Rosie's birthday.

- Eric Lichtman

Donated some of Rosie's favorite books to what would have been her PreK 3's class.

- Laura & Charlie


Made a donation to Cohen Children's Hospital in Rosie's memory.

- Sandra Tarrant

image0 2.JPEG

Left plants for neighbors on their front steps in Rosie's memory.

- Nicole Pascarella

Donated cupcakes to Labor and Delivery nurses at a local hospital.

- Grace McGregor

Dropped off flowers and a St. Peter's yearbook with a Rosie dedication page.

- Barbara Bergin

Donated a large box of diapers to our local baby pantry.

- Grace McGregor

Let first responders go ahead of me in line.

- Julia Mell

image4 2.JPEG

Painted pumpkins for neighbors to spread Halloween cheer.

- Nicola Pascarella


Delivered gift baskets to friends encouraging them on a great first week of school.

- Jaclyn Donovan

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