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This book spoke to my heart and had an even larger impact after a personal email exchange with the author, Kate Merrick. Provides an interesting comparison between resilient women in the Bible and a grieving mother.


This book demonstrates how extreme grief is really just extreme love. It provides a "guide" on how to not only survive grief, but also open our hearts to entirely new levels.


Written by another SUDC mother, Genevieve Deely, this book is a series of journal entries depicting her grief journey. It is equally heartbreaking and uplifting.

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This book reminds us that one of the greatest ways God transforms us is through trials. It's a good depiction of a couple finding deep hope during a time of deep hurt and how we can alter our view of being alone "in the middle of a lake."

Faith corner

Fr. Brian Barr has helped us immensely in our grief journey - serving as a spiritual advisor and a friend. He used our story in a homily he gave to convey a message that "people in prayer" are the answer to grief.

Laura provided a witness at a Women's Holy Hour hosted by Long Island Beach Catholic. It's an inspiring testament to the importance of faith, especially when navigating through the darkest moments in our lives.


This mini-series answers the basic questions of faith to ensure the foundation is strong. These short episodes were informative and helped to reignite the fire of our faith in both of us.

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Charlie provided a witness at a Men's Retreat.  He touches on both his grief journey, but also on how to lead his family in faith as a husband and a father. 


This book presents a very compelling case and the evidence for why we are Catholic. We had trouble leaning on our faith without fully understanding it - this book helped answer a lot of our questions and relieve doubts.


Meditation and prayer has helped us so much. We used this book to jumpstart our mediation and prayer life.


I am proud to say this book was written by my Dad. It was the first resource I opened up when I knew I needed something more. It prompted me to ask more questions about my faith and it jumpstarted a journey in search for the truth.


This book features 10 real-life stories about the power of God's grace in the face of suffering. In bringing these compelling stories to life, it also sheds light on the mystery of why God allows suffering.


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40 day Lenten exercise with the goal of letting go of anxiety-producing areas of your life and obtaining a peace only God can provide.

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Gospel centered daily meditations that has enabled me to trust in God's goodness, rely on his grace, and live in his glory each and every day.



The SUDC Foundation has been helpful in providing medical research, genetic screening & grief resources. They also have enabled us to connect with fellow SUDC families.


The Center for HOPE facilitated a support group for grieving parents which was immensely helpful to us. They also provide counseling and grief services to children, servicing the entire family.


The Robert's Program is another research team which investigates sudden unexpected deaths in children to try and better understand and prevent future tragedies.


The Emmaus Ministry facilitates Catholic retreats for grieving parents, personal connections, and an array of resources to help along the grief journey in faith.

Ways to remember


We had a bracelet made with Rosie's fingerprint


We had key chains made with Rosie's favorite turtle PJ's


They planted a tree in honor of Rosie at the Children's Garden in our town


We had a mold made from Rosie's favorite shoes to put in our foyer

We had a book made compiling all of Rosie's artwork


We had a quilt made with some of Rosie's favorite outfits


Our very talented friend created the perfect book for Rosie's little sister titled "Our Angel Rosie" - to teach Olivia how her big sister is ALWAYS with her and loves her very much


We hung a picture board of memories of Rosie in her playroom

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