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Rosie's Kindness Project

Did you know that you can grow a rose bush from a single bud? With a single unopened bud and a few garden tools, you can plant in summer or early fall and have a bush by springtime. 


Similarly, one single act of kindness can have a ripple effect.  Plant a seed of kindness and watch it grow and spread throughout your community. 

Ideas for Acts of Kindness

Buy someone's coffee or meal behind you in line

Buy someone's train ticket

Give someone a parking spot

Leave a generous tip at a restaurant

Donate school supplies or toys to a school

Volunteer or donate time to a special cause

Drop off supplies at a homeless shelter

Let someone cut you in line at the grocery store

Rescue, foster or sponsor an animal

Feed a homeless person

Donate food to parish food pantry

Run an errand for an elderly neighbor/relative

Donate hair to Locks for Love

Donate blood to a blood bank

Send a hand written card to someone

Bake cookies for local firefighters

Cook a meal for a friend who could use it

Leave flowers on someone's doorstep

Donate used clothes, toys, books

Promote a local business on social media

Please Share your Act of Kindness with us here & on social media using


To request kindness cards to be mailed to you - please email us your address at

Thank you to our sponsors who donated their services to produce our kindness cards!

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