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Our Little Family: First and foremost, Rosie loved her family. She was always happy when she was with her Mom and Dad - no matter where they were or what they were doing. From reading stories at bedtime, dance parties in the living room or watching a movie in bed - she was happiest when they were all together. She was very excited to become a big sister, as she rubbed Mommy's belly and said "Hello Baby" multiple times a day! She was such a happy little girl and so full of life. It was impossible not to have a smile on your face when she was around - she made every day a little sweeter.


The Three Muskateers: Rosie had a very special relationship with her cousins, Gracie & Johnny. From the countless tubby's to close out a fun night together, to our weekly Tuesday night dinners and weekends spent together at Gigi and JayJay's beach house - the joy and love shared among them was immeasurable. They had a truly inseparable bond that was as strong as true siblings. Rosie glowed when she was around her cousins, and nothing made her happier. Whenever we would go on a walk around the neighborhood, Rosie would be on autopilot to Gracie and Johnny's house - knowing exactly where to turn to get there. She felt so comfortable in their home - it was her second family! 


Everybody Loves Rosie: Rosie was just so blessed to have amazing grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins that were constantly showering her with love! She even had 3 great grandparents that adored her. Rosie particularly enjoyed when Gigi and JayJay would sing her "Ring Around the Rosie"or when Papa and Reetzie would take her down the slides at the park. She loved making dance videos with her older cousins, playing with the XL teddy bear in Uncle Paul & Aunt Cameron's basement, listening to uncle Jesse play guitar & getting piggy back rides from Uncle Joe. Very few things in Rosie's life could compete with her love for Lili - she was a close #2 to Mommy, except her snacks & toys were always better!! And when Uncle Johnny was there too - it was game over, she was over the moon!


Kids Bop: Rosie absolutely loved music and could often be heard asking our Google Home to play "Kids Bop." Mommy started taking Rosie to Music Together classes when she was just a few months old. She loved singing along, playing with the different instruments, and especially dancing! We even had Ms. Maria come to play some music at Rosie's first birthday party and we had to get Rosie her own guitar to play around the house. Something she looked forward to every night was dancing with Daddy before her tubby. She particularly loved Old Town Road, Good As Hell & Girls Like You and she even started to learn the lyrics - often serenading us in the car. Every night, just before Rosie went to sleep - Mommy sang her "Love Me Tender"...Rosie knew all the words!


Love Me Sweet: From the start, Rosie was always a very sweet soul. She would care for each of her baby dolls and stuffed animals with a special love and attention & she would rarely leave the house without them. She could often be found having tea parties with all her stuffed animals, toting them around in her shopping cart or trying to fit them into her purse, or having "sleepovers" with them in her tent. A funny thing about her babies...they were often completely naked! 


Frequent Flier: Rosie was quite the traveler for a 2 year old, taking trips since she was just 6 weeks old. In her short life - Rosie made her way to Miami, Hilton Head, North Carolina (twice!), Mexico, Washington DC, Vancouver, Seattle - and countless trips to Westhampton, Boston & New Hampshire. She was a trooper on airplanes and Daddy even made sure she had her very own Skymiles account. 


"Peppy-Roni": Boy was she an eater! For a 2 year old she had quite an appetite - eating mussels, BBQ ribs, spaghetti and meatballs, beef stew, Shepherd's Pie & bagels. She loved scrambled eggies or Daddy's smoothies in the morning & she looked forward to her "treats" at night after dinner - often some candy. Her big cousin Gracie taught her how to drink the last drops of ice cream out of the bowl and she wouldn't leave a sprinkle untouched. Rosie would ask for "peppy - roni" on her pizza and "seltza" water with her meals.


Tough Cookie: For just as sweet as she was, she was equally as tough! She went through Daddy's Marine boot camp, would play basketball with Mommy at the park, and she absolutely loved her classes at the Little Gym - especially tumbling on the floor. She sometimes moved too quickly for her own feet, and she had a chipped front tooth to prove it! But whenever she fell down - she'd bounce right back up and keep on going, often laughing instead of crying.


"Look at Me": She was also a little Diva - always sporting sunglasses and often carrying around a purse. She loved trying on Mommy's things - shoes, scarves, headbands and even her makeup when she could sneak a chance. Every morning after Mommy would get Rosie dressed, she'd proudly run up to Daddy, do a twirl and say "look at me!" - a true fashionista! 


rosie birthday videos

Every year on Rosie's birthday we made a short video to highlight the special moments from that year

Rosie ONE
Rosie TWO
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