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Grief Diaries - Dear World

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

One of my biggest fears since Rosie’s passing is that the world would forget about her. That people would continue to live their lives and become consumed in their ordinary issues and forget about this massive loss, but more importantly this incredibly special and perfect little girl. I even worry that as Charlie and I continue to grow our family and years go by, that her presence wouldn’t be as “real” to us as it is today.

So if I could ask the world of one thing – it would be to never forget our Rosie girl. Never forget her laugh, her curls, her mischievous smile. Never forget how loving and sweet she was. Never forget her silliness or how much she loved to eat. Never forget the sound of her voice, her dance moves, and her love for music.

I want the world to remember Rosie for her life, not her death. I don’t want her life to be labeled as a “tragic loss” because as tragic as this loss is for us, Rosie’s time on this Earth was happy and full of life and love.

I wish in some ways that the world could feel this loss as significantly as we do. And not because I want to inflict pain or grief on anyone, but because I want the world to learn the lessons that Rosie has taught me:

To appreciate every precious moment with those we love

To let the small stuff slide

To not get anxious or stressed over insignificant worries – keep all things in perspective

To reflect and be grateful for your blessings every day

To never forget how loved and supported you are

To leave everything up to God – nothing is within our control

To love hard – even if it could mean heartache

To smile, to joke, to laugh, and to be silly every day

To be patient with yourself and with others

To never underestimate your strength

Most importantly – to leave the world and all you meet in a better place than you met them

I wish it wouldn’t take tragedies or significant losses to open our minds and hearts up to these things. I wish to show the world through my example how to live like Rosie.

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