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Grief Diaries - Friendship

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Today is all about friendship and the people that have helped me the most in my grief journey so far. During such a horrible tragedy - there really are no words or even actions to take away the pain. But for me, I will never ever forget the people in our lives that just showed up - especially during those first few days/even hours. Rose passed away so suddenly and just 5 days before Christmas (the busiest time of the year for many) - and the fact that some of our closest friends just got in their cars and started driving as soon as they heard the news is such a testament to their love for us and their love for Rose. They didn't know what to say or do, but they knew we were broken and we needed them here before we could even ask. They showed up with food, with helping hands to build a picture board for the funeral mass, with a blowdryer and hair supplies to do my hair - and most importantly, they showed up without any fear of what exactly to say or do, but with arms for hugging, ears for listening, and acceptance for whatever state we were in at that moment. I am forever grateful for these select few that ignored the uncertainty of what to do and just dropped everything to be there for us.

I also know that this sounds completely cliche, but the friendship in my sister and brother in law, and more importantly in my husband - have been the most constant friendships at any hour of the day or night that have impacted me the most. I know they were there before and will be there long after this event, but you never know how people are going to react to something like this. From Day 1, Charlie has literally lifted me out of bed every morning. He has allowed me to be every emotion without judgement: angry, sad, broken, incapable, happy, confused, numb - and has often joined me in those emotions. He has come with me to every therapist, support group, and doctors appointment. He has made me laugh. He has made me feel so incredibly strong - even when I feel like I'm about to crumble to pieces. He gives me hope for the future and the courage to put one foot in front of the other. He has inspired me to rely on my faith and to pray together each night. He loves me in my brokenness and has continued to be my best friend. He has been my rock even though he's also just as broken as I am.

Lisa has literally dropped everything to be there for both of us at anytime. She has somehow managed to make us her priority (or at least to feel like we are) even with her own 2 kids and husband. From driving over at 10pm to ease a panic attack or a wave I was going through, to researching anything under the sun that could potentially help us, to just so openly and lovingly continuing to talk about Rosie (with us and her children), to delivering the most beautiful words at the funeral and being our voice to so many when we couldn't, to the hundreds of texts and calls a day. She's amazing and my hero - my true angel on this earth. She is everything I hope to be.

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