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Grief Diaries - Music

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Our Rosie girl LOVED music! From only 3 months old she started taking music classes with Ms. Maria at Music Together and just enjoyed it so much. She loved to dance and play with all of the instruments. We even got her her very own mini guitar to have at home and she would “serenade” us often. We had Ms. Maria come and do music at Rosie’s frist birthday party. She also really enjoyed singing Happy Birthday. And when Gigi and JayJay would sing “Ring Around the Rosie”, she’s always say “AGAIN” at the end to make them continue.

As she got a little older – while she still loved the classic nursery rhymes and Music Together songs – she also started to really enjoy “adult” songs that were on the radio. “Old Town Road” was one of her first favorites, followed by “Saturday Night” and most recently Lizzo’s “Good As Hell.” Dancing around with Daddy before bath time became part of our nightly routine and she LOVED it.

She also enjoyed the standard 2 year old favorites – the Disney movie songs (Moana & Frozen being her favorites) & Baby Shark (with the dance included!!) She even knew how to say: “Hey Google, play Kid’s Bop” to turn music on in our living room.

Once she began school – Rosie really enjoyed participating in circle time and would memorize the different songs/dances involved. She’d often come home and line up her stuffed animals or her babies and recreate circle time with them! The Hello Song and “I am Special” were 2 of her favorites from circle time.

For me – the most special music time I shared with Rosie was right before bed at night. After books and payers, I would always sing her “Love Me Tender”:

Love me tender, love me sweet

Never Let me go

You have made my life complete and I love you so

Love me tender, love me true

All my dreams fulfilled

Oh my darling, I love you and I always will

She knew the words and would sometimes sing along with me – but I thought it was such a beautiful way to say goodnight to her and even now – the lyrics are still so perfect and capture just how much I love her. I always tried to make that abundantly clear to her.

After “Love Me Tender” each night, I’d let Rosie pick a song (which usually turned into 2-3…) She’d pick “Wheels on the Bus” often and would tell me which verses she wanted (“horn”, “shush”, “Doors”) and then usually either “Bushel and a Peck”, “You Are My Sunshine”, or “Open, Shut Them.”

When we were finished singing, she’d put her head on my shoulder, snuggle into me and I’d rock her for a bit before putting her into her crib to sleep. That was the best part of any day – just me and my baby so peaceful and cozy together. What I’d do to be in that moment right now…I’d never stop singing.

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