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Grief Diaries - Self Care

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

I understand the importance of self-care to my grieving process, but being 9 months pregnant and in the middle of a national pandemic – there really isn’t much opportunity for self-care. The things I try to do every single day to help me with my state of mind is:

(1) Fresh Air – the power of fresh air and if I’m lucky enough to get some sunshine with it, even better! I’ve been going to the cemetery a lot – there’s a nice bench to sit on and reflect right by Rosie and it’s always so peaceful there. Or even just a walk around the block/sitting in our backyard has been nice. Honestly, even on the days that it’s raining or too cold – just going for a drive with the windows cracked a bit is so necessary.

(2) Time with Rosie – my therapist gave me advice to always block out time every single day to spend with my Rosie girl. It helps me a lot to do this because it makes me feel connected to spent time with her that’s dedicated just to me and her. It might be through journaling or making a scrap book or recording memories or praying to her or watching videos of her – but it’s my special devoted time to just be with her in the new ways that I can be.

(3) Journaling – I’ve never journaled before in my life, but I find it to be very therapeutic and helpful to me now. Some days I’m so emotional – I don’t think I could possibly put words to how I’m feeling. And other days, I feel numb to my emotions and don’t even know how I’m feeling/what I’m thinking. But when I put pen to paper, it all just seems to flow out of me, and I feel so much better to get it out.

(4) Therapy – not everyday, but once a week we go to our therapist and we have become so reliant on her. Similarly to journaling – neither of us had ever gone to therapy before this – but Donna has been our lifesaver. She somehow knows what to say to get us talking, to validate our feelings, ease our concerns, and provide proactive and necessary advice. She understands the perfect blend of our individual grief processes, but also how we’re unified in this journey.

(5) Grief Books / Devotionals – I’ve been finding a lot more comfort in reading than I ever have before. Specifically books about grief journeys, or reflection books to make you think about the goodness in each day to help me have a more positive frame of mind.

On another note, once this baby is out – I plan on getting a really great massage, exercising – specifically running outside, and having a glass of wine!

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